【The 28th annual conference of Japan Dance Therapy Association】

New era REIWA has just started since May 1st in Japan. We wish it will be calm and peaceful without any disasters such as big earthquakes or Tsunami. Unfortunately nobody can tell when and where those attacks happen. 

Can the power of dance support people who suffer from these kinds of disasters? 

We believe that dance/movement can support us as a form of therapy. 

The 28th annual conference of Japan Dance Therapy Association will be held this October 12th & 13th focusing Support for Disaster Victims.  

The Conference chair is Keiko Kifune, Director of Dance Therapy Team KIFUNE. 

General Information 

Dates:  Oct. 12th (Sat)Oct. 13th (Sun)  2019 

Venue:  Sanmu-shi Hasunuma Koryu Center    (4832-3 Ha, HasunumaSanmu, Chiba JAPAN) 


Dance Therapy and support for disaster victims 

 Special Workshop     

The moment when body and mind move in disaster affected areas 

by Yukiko Onuma (Tokyo Ariake University of Medical and Health Sciences), and  

Kumi Hirayama (Art Therapist at Kyowakai Healthcare Corporation Hannan Hospital) 

 Workshop by the chair of the conference 

Introducing ‘care of heart with KIZUNA-Project‘ movement therapy, taken over from FBF Foundation upon The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 

Keiko Kifune (Dance Therapy Team KIFUNE) 

Other workshops and poster presentation will also be held.  

The conference programs will be announced in September. 

Please check JADTA website for more information. (https://jadta.org/news/conference28/)   

Supported by Sanmu City 

This conference is authenticated as “beyond 2020” by Japanese Cabinet Secretariat Office for Olympic and Paralympic Games. 


Registration should be done by Oct 1st (GMT +9:00) 

 How to register 

Register from official JADTA website.  https://jadta.org/news/conference28/   

 How to pay your fee   

For oversea attendants, payment should be made on the day at conference reception.  

CASH ONLY (Japanese yen).       

Get-together:  Oct 12th, after finishing all the workshops of day1 

             At Hotel Namikawa-so   Fee: 5,000 yen   

Along with the theme of the conference, there will be an opportunity to meet each other, eat, and dance together for fun.  

 Inquiries:  Office of The 28th Conference of Japan Dance Therapy Association in Sanmu 
           E-mail: conference28-question@jadta.org 

 Attendance Fee
for JADTA members
Applications made by Aug 10th-  2 days:¥10,000-       1 day:¥6,000-
Applications from Aug 11th and later  2 days:¥12,000-       1 day:¥7,000-

for non JADTA members
Applications made by Aug 10th-  2 days:¥13,000-       1 day:¥7,500-
Applications from Aug 11th and later  2 days:¥15,000-       1 day:¥8,500-

for Students
2 days:¥7,000-       1 day:¥3,500-

1 Session Pass
Applicants without JADTA membership can buy a ‘1 Session Pass’, which is valid for 1 of the workshops only. To attend more than 2 workshops, choose 1 day ticket. 
Adult: ¥2,500-    Students: ¥1,500-        

Parents can bring their children to the conference, with extra fee of ¥1,000- a day per child.  


If you cannot find accommodation, please contact to conference28-question@jadta.org 
Access to the venue 
It takes you approximately 60 minutes from Narita Airport and Chiba, or 90 minutes from Tokyo to Narutô by bus/train. The time will change depending on the traffic.